Tuesday, September 6, 2016

First Day of School (Round 5)

I cannot believe today I am starting my fifth year teaching first grade! Time certainly flies. This is my first year teaching as Mrs. Hilbers, and I already know it is going to take awhile to get used to responding to that name!  When we had a meet and greet with our new students, I was introducing myself with my old name! I guess it's hard to forget a name you've had for 26 years.
Today I wanted to share what I'm wearing for the first day of school.  Almost every year I wear a short sleeve or sleeveless dress, and pair it with a blazer.  This way you are prepared for all temperatures.  Also, I love the way a blazer dresses up any look.  It is perfect for looking professional on the first day, which is why I always pick it over a cardigan. Our school is usually kept quite cold, but I also have recess and dismissal duties in which I have to be outside for long periods of time.  The temperatures this week are supposed to be in the high 80s (or even 90), so dresses are the perfect choice for comfort in the heat.  I opted for small wedged sandals instead of my Louboutins because I am usually running around all day with my first graders.  As much as I would love to be a teacher that wears heels, I just don't think I could do it with my young students.  I rarely get to sit down all day and I am already so much taller than my little munchkins! Also, I always need a big bag to fit all I need, so my LV Neverfull is the perfect choice.
I'm hoping for a very smooth first day, and I know I'll have plenty of stories to share about my new first grade friends.  The first day is always so exciting, overwhelming, nerve wracking, exhausting, and wonderful all wrapped into one.  I can't wait.
Happy back to school to all my teacher friends out there and students! Here's to another great school year!


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