Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownie Cake

Happy Valentine's Day (& Happy Fat Tuesday)!
I was so excited to make this year's Valentine's Day dessert for Zach and I. I'm always looking for something new & festive to make for Vday. Chocolate covered strawberries are my absolute favorite treat (besides macarons), so I knew I wanted to incorporate them.  
I prefer brownies to cake (as does Zach) so I used my favorite brownie recipe (doubled) in a 5 inch cake pan and layered the brownie with buttercream and fresh strawberries.  I used melted dark chocolate for the top & for the strawberries. I opted for dark chocolate for the top and for the brownies since it is my personal favorite. 
I also loved that this cake reminded Zach and I of our wedding cake which also included a brownie base and fresh strawberries layered inside. We couldn't wait until Vday to try it & it did NOT disappoint!

Last weekend I also made heart shaped cinnamon rolls which were super easy (and delicious). These are a much easier option if you're looking to make something special!


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