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Happy Saturday! I don't usually do weekend posts, but I wanted to roundup some of the home decor posts I have shred on IG lately. I did a poll awhile back and was pretty surprised that SO many people said they were interested in more home decor stuff along with the outfits I usually post. I absolutely LOVE home decor and I am happy to share more of it with you all! We've done quite a bit to our house in the two years we've lived here. We unfortunately had our basement flood in February, and we just finished redoing our basement.  We ordered a new couch months ago and it finally arrived a few weeks ago.  I wish I had better before and after pictures of everything, but I was not good about taking the before pictures so I guess you will have to settle for just the after pics!

The only before and after pictures I have are of the exterior. We got brick pavers in the back and redid the exterior. It just got finished this week and we are SO happy with how it turned out. Picking an exterior color for your house is NOT easy.  I took paint swatches all over town and would walk up to random houses that were similar to the color we were looking for to see how they compared (I pretty much looked like a crazy person - but it was worth it!). I would make Zach stop the car in random places so I could run out and compare colors. We had to get some of our siding repaired as well as some of our trim pieces and our entire chimney was replaced - it was no small job. We hired our painter/carpenters in July so it certainly tested my patience. I was so anxious for it to be done. It was worth the wait.

I linked everything I could. Some things from local shops and Home Goods are hard to find/link, but I tried my best to find similar pieces for you all! If you ever have any other questions about anything I post, paint colors, or any other home decor questions feel free to DM or email me! Also, I added a new 'Home' highlight on my IG to keep everything in one place.

Have a great weekend!


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