Thursday, October 13, 2022

Easy DIY Halloween Board Treats

Halloween is almost here! Here are some easy DIY treats you can make this year. All you need to get started is white melting chocolate, some candy eyes, and your choice of Oreo cookies, Nutter Butter cookies, and/or strawberries. The great thing about Halloween treats is the chocolate doesn't have to look perfect. The messier it is, the more it fits the spooky theme. I dipped the Nutter Butter cookies in the chocolate and added the eyes and a mouth to create a ghost. I turned the strawberries and Oreos into mummies. All you do to is drizzle some extra white chocolate on top of the dipped chocolate and add some eyes. These are SO easy to make and would be perfect to make with kids (as I said they don't need to look perfect). I used the extra Oreos to make some spiders and bats. The bats are made with peanut butter cups. You can use Reese cups, but I chose to use dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joes (these are my favorite). You simply cut the top of an Oreo in half and secure it with some chocolate and add eyes. For the spiders you need small pretzel sticks and eyes. I used a variety of different sized eyes, but any would work. You can find candy eyes on Amazon here.

I added a few more festive treats to complete the board and love how it turned out! I used a cookie cutter to cut some ghost shaped cheese as well as ghost chips, cider mill donuts, monster cookies (which can be found here), and letter cookies from Trader Joe's.

Happy haunting!


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