Monday, November 7, 2016

Mini Home Tour

So, I've been wanting to share a peek into our new house, but I kept putting it off saying "once things are all done". Turns out, things are never really ever "done". There are always going to be projects we want to do, but I thought I would share a peek anyway. I've been loving decorating and settling in, and I've already changed a few things since I took these pictures (I pretty much am constantly in a cycle of decorating and redecorating-Zach keeps asking why I keep moving stuff all around). Most importantly, our French doors going out to our deck were finally installed! They look awesome, I love them so much! I linked up as much as I could, but some things are sold out or not available online. I pretty much started buying things right after we got engaged, preparing for our first house (before I even know where it was going to be or what it was going to look like!). A bit risky, but it made it so much easier when it finally came time to move in. House hunting can be quite a frustrating and overwhelming experience, but this was the first house that we walked into and I could see us in.  It seems strange to explain it that way, but it really is true! As soon as we saw it in person, I knew it was the one.  It certainly isn't a perfect house, but it's perfect for us.  Here's a look at our home sweet home...

Shop a bunch of the items below. Thanks for stopping by our house :)


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