Sunday, April 26, 2015

Maid of Honor Guide Part II

So, I am finally getting around to making my second MOH guide that I promised a long time ago.  This post is going to focus on dresses and speeches.  One of these was my favorite part, the other is my least favorite part of being a MOH (bet you can't guess which is which). Of course I loved the dress shopping part and the speech part, not so much. Lets starts with the dresses. For my sister's wedding, she pretty much left the bridesmaid dress shopping up to me (my favorite!). She of course wanted to give her opinion too, but she let me pick them out. We went with a convertible dress from Two Birds and I couldn't love those dresses any more! The only downside is they were a little on the expensive side, but they were definitely worth it! There were no alterations needed and they fit everyone great! I also LOVE all the different styles you can create with a single dress.  Of course the well-known saying is "you can totally wear that again" when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, but honestly I plan to wear this dress again and again! The different styles make it look like a completely different dress and I love the color we went with, it's called 'Mocha'. Below are some pictures from my sister's big day.

For my friend's New Year's Eve wedding, she also let us pick out our own dresses, except we all had completely different dresses. They were all long beaded Adrianna Papell dresses and even though they were all different they went together so well! We found them all at different department stores like Nordstrom. It was perfect for a New Year's Eve wedding. We also all wore different fur coats, which was fun. Below are some pictures from my friend's big day.

I think I have decided on the dress for my bridesmaids too! Stay tuned ;)

Now onto the speech. I am really not a fan of public speaking. I never liked it, so the idea of getting up in front of hundreds of people and giving a speech was terrifying to me. I was SO nervous (ask anyone that talked to me that day). I can still vividly remember not being able to talk about anything at all at cocktail hour except how nervous I was. Honestly, the hardest part was the emotion.  It is hard to talk about someone so important to you in front of so many people (especially a sister)! For my sister's wedding I got choked up, but I held it together long enough to finish my speech. A helpful tip is to remember it's okay to cry! it is also okay to take a moment to pull yourself together in the middle of your speech before you finish (so you don't sound like a blabbering idiot trying to talk while crying!). For my friend's wedding it was so helpful to have someone else standing with me (my fellow MOH) to calm my nerves. The second time around was SO much easier! I kept both speeches short and sweet and had it all typed out on notecards-I definitely am not the "wing it" type of speaker. A few tips I have are to be yourself, don't embarrass the bride, and talk about the bride and how much she means to you as well as them as a couple and why they are great together. And that's about it! The best part is, it's over before you know it :) Good luck!



  1. These photos are amazing! I love the dresses, and the New Year's Eve wedding idea is so cute! I can't even imagine what I'm going to do when my older sister gets married. I feel like I'll be crying all day.

    Running Alyssa

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